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Through her work as CEO and founder of the Hierarchy Media, Ping has been lauded for her ability to help others find their “authentic voice.” She is also a spokesperson for women aspiring to succeed in business, helping them bring out the best in themselves. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Ping will be able to help you do so by helping you culminate your authentic self and use it to your advantage.

Website Development That Gives You A Competitive Edge

Your brand is your face to the world. It’s how potential clients know what to expect when they come to you for help with their business and personal needs. And it’s how they decide whether or not they want to work with you. That’s why we believe in helping our clients create a full-service online identity that strategically attracts and converts their ideal clients.


We specialize in creating websites and online presence that reflect who you are and what you do – from branding and copywriting, to photography and more.

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He is a photographer living between Bali and Cape Town. His work is published in major magazines around the world such as L’officiel, Glamour, Eva, Viver magazine and many others.


He was born in Turkmenistan. Photography became his passion 11 years ago when he worked in a photo salon and took headshots for visas, passports and other documents. Today his works with different brands, designers, model agencies all over the world and teaches online courses to hundreds of students. He loves dogs, the color green, and considers Bali his home.